Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Remolding Cost vs Less Expensive Curb Appeal Enhancements

Want to make your home more attractive to sell?  Try detail cleaning, like vacuuming out the central H&A closet.... a home that is well maintained and clean, attracts more buyer traffic.  But, it doesn't stop there.

Let's look at remodeling value.  A newly designed kitchen & bath remodel are the most expensive remodel of a home.  These updates don't provide the return  to your pocket book, but will produce buyers faster and your improve your market position.  New lighting and new hardware most always make a difference, and won't break the bank account.

The top projects to return a greater value is an attractive new front door!  Color and style matter, so if your not good at this kind of detail... pick from magazines for something exact.  Garage door replacement also offered great paybacks!

A fresh, crisp, neutral color paint for the interior and/or exterior, makes one of the most economical cost improvement when selling your home.  Neutral colors today can be macadamia nut or guilford green.  No strong or bold colors should be used when trying to sell your home.

Absolutely declutter your home, and try to stage with venues of comfort and appeal.  Don't forget the lawn work, and small areas of color. These tips should catch the eye of a prospective buyer in your neighborhood.

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