Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where's the Buyers?

Where's the Buyers?  I remember the commercial that said... Where's the Beef?

I know realtors work on marketing and selling their own listed properties.... (and there's a lot listed these days).... but, I sure have some nice listings and no one to show them to! 

So, if your in the mood to move to central Oklahoma... more specifically McClain and Cleveland Counties - I can show you one of my beautiful homes for sale on a variety of lots, tracts and acreages.  All different house sizes and styles!... All different prices too.

Here's some addresses of home for you to google...
or go to my web site at
or look on www.realtor.com . 
Another great site to look at interior photo
tours is www.openhouseok.com

You asked for it... I can get it!  (hmmm, sounds like another commercial)....

500 W. Morehead Ave., Washington, OK 73093

802 Willow Creek Circle, Purcell, OK 73080

1197 Blue Ridge Dr., Purcell, OK 73080

12754 120th St., Lindsay, OK 73052

212 Hoffman, Dr., Norman, OK 73026

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