Friday, April 6, 2012

VA Purchase for Home Purchase

Looking to use your VA benefits to purchase a house?

Veteran Administration loans are going to be a preference of loan choice for veterans coming back to buy their first home... or maybe thinking of selling, and moving to their second VA purchase.  With the thought of purchasing the second home, a veteran must know that his VA benefits can only be used when the first VA house is SOLD... then the VA benefit can be used on the next purchase.

The first thing a Veteran should be doing while thinking of a home purchase is to obtain the VA Certificate by verifying the eligibility.  Then, a visit to your favorite lender, (or my favorite lender Gina Starr at Red Rock Mortgage and Lending) for a loan application. With  these two steps, completed... you are ready for me, your Realtor, to find your next home.

A smooth and seamless purchase process is what I'm finding to be most important when trying to move into a new home.  A good, experienced lender, along with myself to help find a home and explain the purchase process, will be the best decision a buyer can make.  It's kinda like that commercial... "don't buy a home without us".

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