Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Exclusive Buyer Agent

If you're looking to purchase a home for sale, and require or desire professional real estate services as a buyers agent, please contact me for consultation and fees.

An exclusive buyers agent works solely for the buyer... much as an attorney works for a client when being represented.  A buyers agent provides fiduciary duties of loyalty and would not allow a conflict of interest in a purchase of real estate.

Advocate vs Assisting.  In simple terms, it's the difference of a Transaction Broker and a Single Party Broker, (single party broker is a Buyers Agent), is being an advocate for their client vs assisting customers to the transaction.  All Realtors treat parties honestly.  All Realtors will assist buyers to a successful home purchase with out fees. 

The misconception is this... because the fees a Realtor receives are based on commissions from the seller... a buyer feels they are not being represented. 

Please contact me if you have concerns about how you want to be served.  I take concern and care with both buyer and seller.  My professional services can be explained in detail, and you will be very happy making a knowledgeable decision about purchasing the biggest asset in your life... your home.

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