Thursday, February 3, 2011

Opps... I Called the Name on the Real Estate Sign

Some of my best and closest friends share their excitement with me when they purchase a new home to live, or land to build on.  I'm excited for them too!  But, then I ask why didn't they call me?  The answer is...

"Well... I called the name on the real estate sign." 

They thought they had to call that Realtor or Agent, on the sign to get the information and help to purchase that real estate.

Please call me even when it's listed with another company.  That's what I do for my new customers, clients and my friends.  I expect calls after 5 and on weekends.  That's how my business is geared.  People want information on homes and land for sale when they are driving around or internet searching.

So... call me first when your looking to purchase a new place... and
NOT THE NAME ON THE SIGN. You'll be happy to have me help through the whole process of a real estate transaction

Call, Text or Email 405-249-2810/

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