Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oklahoma City is a Great Place! America's Most Affordable Cities

Your take-home pay will go farther in Oklahoma City's low-cost metros.
By Francesca Levy, Forbes.com
Oct 28, 2010
Provided by Forbes

Oklahoma may be best known for wind sweepin' down the plain. But there's a lot more going on in the Sooner State than Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals would lead you to believe.

Just consider the state capital, Oklahoma City: It's got good schools and universities, friendly residents and an unemployment rate well below the national average--6.3% compared with the nationwide 9.5%. Thanks to good jobs and low cost of living, the Oklahoma City metro area ranks as America's Most Affordable City.

In compiling our list, we searched for cities that had a balance of cheap living and economic prosperity--places with solid job markets, but where costs aren't prohibitive

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