Friday, April 23, 2010

Lead Base Paint and Older Home Purchase

Lead Base Paint is in all homes built before 1978. That is what I tell my customers when they are looking to purchase a home built in prior to "78". My job is to help the consumer to understand about defects and disclosures. So, I explain to consumers that even though a seller may say there's no reports or knowledge of lead base paint... it could be there.

Lead exposure can affect any adult, but is a high concern for pregnant women and children, because toxins effect a developing brain and absorption by the bone at high levels. Knowledge and education is key. But... lets put this in perspective.

People deal with lead in our lives. Fishing weights are made of lead, there's leaded gasoline in older vehicles... copper pipes were soldered with lead for connections for plumbing. Toys that come from foreign countries still use lead to paint toys and dishes. Primarily, the problem lies when children eat paint chips, (lead taste sweet), off in the floor or window seals, or... when sanded paint becomes inhaled in dust form. When working on, or with lead... lead particles gets on clothes and can be brought into your own home.

As of April, 2010... the EPA has introduced new regulations for the housing industry. Renovations, repair and painting contractors must be certified and use lead-safe work practices when working in homes built before 1978. These regulations may cause work on these old houses too expensive to repair, and buyers need to re-think the purchase. Consumers can opt out working on their own homes or occupants can sign a statement stating there are no pregnant women or children residing in the home for the contractor to do the work.

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