Monday, January 25, 2010

Price Your Home Listing Right!

Getting your property priced correctly at the listing with your Realtor is "key" to having a quick sale.

My job, as your Realtor... is to assist you the buyer, with comparable sales of property and provide information as to what your listing is worth today. Sometimes, I might suggest having a professional appraisal in hand, to back up my opinion... since I am the listing Realtor.

The correct pricing will produce urgency with buyers in the early days of your listing. Don't be surprised when buyers make an offer in the first two weeks of a listing... when it is not overpriced. A common mistake is a seller thinking the listing is under-valued and not accept the offer because it happens so fast. This simply means that a majority of the buyers who are currently searching in a neighborhood are interested in your property. These buyers are looking... a sign goes up... it's on a web site they have been watching and, it's priced right, then BINGO, they make an offer!

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