Friday, May 22, 2009

You should build here!

"You should build here", sounds like a positive remark, but actually you should listen to your realtor, neighbor or relative when deciding to build or move to a new location. These stories are repeated to me on occasions, and are worth sharing on this blog. One buyers investigation went like this...

A couple lived in another county in Eastern, Oklahoma. The couples land had shallow soils with a rocky content, that became a problem when they were digging the footing to their new home, but they worked around it. The couple also had to install an aerobic septic system with sprinklers, due to the compact, tight soils which prevented normal peculation like a conventional septic system. Trees were another problem... they could not plant the trees they chose due to the soil formation. A new job opportunity finds them looking to build another home, and they are careful to avoid their earlier mistakes when looking for land to build on again.

People can fall in love with a place they have found to purchase for their new home. The views of a rolling meadow with trees and creeks on a new tract of land may be scenic but... don't overlook important factors. Every home will need water. Does this tract of land have a drinking water source? Will it perk for a conventional septic system? Will this property be in a flood plain? Other questions are to ask are about:
  • Access and Easements

  • Land Surveys

  • School Districts

These are great questions to ask on every plot of land in rural areas. Even a lot in a town that is last to sell, is probably still available because it was too small for a traditional house plan. Take time to check it out. A Realtor will get the answers to your questions for you. Your needs are unique and your house plans may be different than other conventional plans. Investigations before you purchase will help you find the right place!

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