Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Okay, for fun right? I do like the idea of putting my thoughts and thank you's for real estate out there, so that it might help my customers or maybe help the next customer.

But, how do I accomplish this? Facebook, active rain, ecademy, linkedin, twitter? I am out there, but... I like this blog. My web site designer has been "evolving" my web site since it's conception. He's great! I couldn't have an internet presence without him. I was afraid my competitors would have an edge. But, I have learn I have to share, and this is the portal he has chosen for me. My fellow realtors will find me... and I hope you found me here too!

I have discovered, (or resolved), myself that.. I am, and will always be, the 'little fish' in the big sea of real estate. I do enjoy making my customers happy. I do like to work one on one and handle the entire transaction. I know what's going on ... and, SO MUCH CAN GO ON in a purhcase. My customers need me! They need information and they become my friends... I am so please when they are content and excited with their new purchase that I want to express a thank you.

So, THANK YOU! I hope you find my 'blog' amusing and helpful when you need it. There's always more to come!


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