Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a Good Thing your in Oklahoma!

Money Magazine, Forbes and Forturne Magazine voted Oklahoma number one as the most recession-proof state in the country, in 2008. "Good Thing You're in Oklahoma" campaign is making sure buyers and sellers know about not missing this opportunity to buy or sell here in our great state.

The Oklahoma Association of Realtors felt the national media was drowning the public with depressing news of the housing market. "Real estate is local". Could one person in the U.S. tell another person, that the temperature across the entire country is 92 degrees in every state? No, they can't... It's going to be different temperatures, in different states and cities across the Country. So, the OAR came up with a logo... "Good Thing You're in Oklahoma".

In a nutshell, the Oklahoma housing market remains stable. So call the office today if your thinking of buying or selling. I can prepare a brokers opinion for your real estate information that fits your local market.

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