Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome to my web site and Real Estate information for Central Oklahoma.
I specialize in land and homes for sale in six counties including McClain, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Grady, Garvin and Pottawatomie. I drive regularly to show property in many small towns, such as Purcell, Washington, Goldsby, Wayne, Dibble, Blanchard, Newcastle, Lexington, Noble, Wanette, and Maysville as well as Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman, OK.
Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma, has many great attractions including the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Lake Thunderbird State Park, and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Norman also boasts of its rich football tradition, its festivals, golf courses, shopping and parks & recreations. Living in Norman is very reasonable and affordable. In fact, housing costs and the cost of living are below the national average.
Purcell, Oklahoma, known as the Heart of Oklahoma, is just 17 miles South of Norman and the Canadian River on Interstate 35. Purcell and its small, surrounding farming communities, move at just a little slower pace than the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman. McClain County has deep roots in its horse industry, cattle ranching, agricultural farming and oil business. Folks know their neighbors and those neighbors’ children. So, watch out kids… bad news might get back home before you do!
As a Realtor®, I work mainly with residential and land needs. I live on a large acreage. I am well versed in what it takes to check on needs of the country life and land purchases. In towns…city utilities might be at the curb but, out in the country… rural water lines may not always be readily available. Well water and private septic tanks are needed in the rural areas of small towns. That’s what I do… I am here to be of service. I will assist you, in your needs to gather information to purchase your home or land. I will list your property and let you know what the market is in your area. Real Estate is a very complicated matter and a Realtor should assist you through it.  My favorite sayings are… you wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, would you? You would need an experienced physician. How about representing your self in a law suit? You would hire an attorney, wouldn’t you? So, use a Realtor! Call me. I have the experience you need and the service you deserve, to make the most important purchase in your life… your home and land.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Dissapearing Act

Spending all day, and sometimes weeks with a seller/buyer... and then, all-of-the-sudden, they are gone?  It's a frustrating and maddening part of real estate, when you have been called on by a buyer/seller... to make appointments, consult, show homes, and then never hear from then again?  No good byes, No "I've found another Realtor", No "you suck at being a Realtor"....  just nothing.

It's a tough job, but so rewarding when your faithful customers and clients do say "thank you" for all the education and "handholding" you've given them through a listing or a purchase. 

That's when... not getting a regular paycheck, (and I've gone 6 months without one)... is still okay.  I'm always overwhelmed when a customer or client is pleased with their service I've provided.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

11.04 Surveyed Acres for Sale in Goldsby, Oklahoma

11.04 Surveyed Acres for Sale in Goldsby, Oklahoma, Centrally located between Norman and Purcell in Washington School District.  No Restrictions, No Homeowners Association & Livestock, Pets, Chickens, etc. are okay.  Call today for a showing when you can't find what your looking for!

Monday, September 16, 2013

10 Acres Near 12th & Redbud, Goldsby, Oklahoma

10 Acres Near 12th & Redbud, Goldsby, Oklahoma

Last 10 acre tract available for this survey.  C&R's apply and local builder that is familiar with the building restrictions.  So, call for appointment, and I can bring the builder out to meet with you!
Barns and FFA farm animals are okay.  Come on down!

Land for Sale in the Washington/Goldsby, Oklahoma Area

I have a really nice 11.60 acre tract to build a new home on that has "views" and a pond!  No building restrictions on building type or size.  This tract has rural water available as well as DSL, and electric lines at the county road.  Call for details and showings.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance Premium Fee

One of my customers was ready to make an offer on a home.  He was pre-approved with a lender, however... that's all the lender did.  Just a pre-qualification.  Which means the lender pulled his credit score.  The buyer had a credit score above a 620, so... he received a Pre-Qualification Letter.

Ready to sign the offer, I went over an estimated cost sheet with my buyer.  I could see the shock in his eyes when he absorbed the estimated monthly mortgage payment... which included the Mortgage Insurance Premium Fee.  This fee was unfamiliar to him, as the lender did not discuss what fees the prospective buyer would be responsible for. 

My customer was expecting the PITI, (Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance for the home), but... was unaware of the Mortgage Insurance fee that is required when a buyer does not put 20% down, when making a purchase.  MI, (mortgage insurance), is an insurance policy, the lender makes a buyer purchase, when buying a home.   It's an insurance policy, (the lender hopes to never have to make a claim on) but, it will pay a percentage to the lender, should the buyer default the loan.

So, PITI could also be the Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance and Mortgage Insurance.  My customer did not make an offer on the house.

Click on the link below to figure a Mortgage Insurance Premium
Mortgage Insurance Calculator

Title Company Service Fees

Who Pays for What?

I get this question a lot... who pays this cost?  Well, anything and everything is negotiable in a contract.  The standard Realtors contract fees are divided into "NORMAL AND CUSTOMARY" charges between a buyer and seller.

So, if a seller is paying for both lenders and owner title insurance policy, (which is normally a buyers fee), then... the seller can choose what title company to use.